Larry Soffer

Born on 25 October 1982 in Cape Town, South Africa, Larry Soffer’s childhood dream of becoming a mentalist and magician has become a reality. Larry now resides between Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, but travels internationally regularly inspiring audiences around the globe.


At a young age Larry was in awe of David Copperfield’s charisma and showmanship. Copperfield was a great inspiration and motivation for this young boy.


At the age of 13 Larry enrolled at the College of Magic in Cape Town, South Africa where he then studied the art of Magic for 4 years and graduated with a Silver Medallion – the highest accolade which one can achieve. It is interesting to know the summer before Larry enrolled his family friend read a book by Linda Goodman called Star Signs, and discovered that through a numerological chart, when added up, the letters of Larry’s name mean “The Magician”.


Whilst his destiny may have been preordained, success is never achieved by simply waiving a magic wand. With hard work and perseverance he managed to divide his time between school, working on his skills and performing at corporate and private events, and still this young independent man shone at the College of Magic, winning several National and Provincial Championships and all but one of his course competitions.


World famous Las Vegas Magicians, Siegfried and Roy were very impressed by Larry’s talent and enthusiasm and awarded him the SARMOTI  (Siegfried and Roy Masters of the Impossible) Grant, a bursary, for his final year of study at the College of Magic.


After graduation, Larry took interest in Mentalism and started studying it in his own time. Mentalism can be explained as magic of the mind and includes acts of mind-reading, metal bending and telekinesis. He expanded these abilities to the extent of demonstrating them on television and radio, affecting people across these platforms in their own homes, making their spoons and forks bend, fixing broken watches, making light bulbs burst, making their TV's switch on and creating other explainable phenomena.

Larry travelled to several countries across the world entertaining local and international celebrities and notables such as Beyonce and Jay-Z, the Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Harry, Michael Johnson, Hootie and The Blow Fish, Luke Perry, Andy Macdowell, Ruby Wax, Mike and the Mechanics, Vinnie Jones, former SA President F.W.de Klerk, SA Finance Minister Trevor Manuel, SA Cricket and Rugby Team Members,  PJ Powers, Zuraida Jardine, DJ Fresh, Lee-Anne Liebenberg, to mention a few …


In 2006, Larry was invited to the World Fabous Magic Castle in Hollywood, a club which holds the most prestigious magicians in the world as its members. He then became the youngest South African to ever perform there and the only one to be awarded a membership, making him the only African Member of this elite group of magicians.


He has expended his skills into the full corporate arena and is always taking his award winning magic to new heights. Larry hopes to inspire people to “Believe To See” instead of Seeing to Believe, opening their minds to new possibilities through the art of magic, getting them to see the world through the eyes of a child again and believing in the impossible, and thereby creating their own dreams.


The Magic of Larry Soffer has spearheaded itself into a brand and he is now the most influential name in Magic in SA today.

Promo Video

I have been wanting to shoot a new promo video for ages, but you know how we always say we don't have time. Well, this year I decided to make time and finally get this long overdue project done, and I am very happy to say that it is finally here. I teamed up with Pieter Seyffert, a freelance cinematographer, and his team. We spent some time doing street magic all around Cape Town, which of course turned out to be great fun with unbelievable reactons from the crowd. For the location shots, we took to the Language monument in Paarl. This incredible backdrop assisted with some fantastic shots. I wish I could have gotten more shots from the outside, but unfortunately we were greeted by a bit of bad weather. Nevertheless, I am very happy with what we created and glad I get to share it with you all.



What People are Saying...

So what is the word on the street? What do people really think of Larry's performance? Here are just a few quotes from celebs, colleagues and happy clients.

"Entertainment is an understatement when it comes to his show. Seriously Mind blowing stuff and magic aside, it's something new." Jimmy Nevis - Singer/Songwriter

"What I saw tonight has given me real cause for concern about the natural world and about Larry's talent." Claire Johnston - Mango Groove

"That blew my mind!" Keith Sweat - International Singer

"I'm gobsmacked on how he did this, it was incredible." Liezl van der Westhuizen - Presenter &TV Personality

"You are absolutely amazing!" Ruby Wax - American TV Personality

"What Entertainment! Thank you! You left behind so many wannabe magicians." Graham Smith - SA cricket captain

"I have seen magicians around the world, but Larry is in a league of his own." Mike Rutherford - Mike and the Mechanics

"You are crazy man!" - Vinni Jones - Famous Actor

"Larry is destined to be one of the greatest magicians of the 21st century." Stan Gerson - International Magician




Close-up magic

Close up strolling magic is a great way to make guests feel at ease and entertained during the cocktail hour. Larry performs his magic and mentalism in the hands of your guests, using cards, coins, jewellery and other props. He also makes objects move or levitate without touching them, reading people's minds and bending metal objects such as coins, keys and forks. This intimate style of performance allows the flow of the party to move uninterrupted and is an excellent ice breaker. The beauty about this type of magic is that it will complement any part of your event.


Whether it’s for an audience of 50 or 6,000, this show has been booked by some of the country’s biggest companies and continues to delight audiences from coast to coast.This show combines amazing mind reading, metal bending and telekinesis demonstrations with side-splitting comedy and non-stop audience participation. Imagine your guests’ delight when Larry reveals their inner most thoughts, controls their actions, and predicts their every move!

The show is ideal for corporate banquets, conferences, holiday events, and any other corporate events where you want to leave your guests amazed, laughing, and talking about the show for months to come.


For companies looking for something flashy, Larry provides a variety of Stage illusions. Some of them include; the magical appearance of the company president or CEO onstage, or the levitation and disappearance by an assistant, who then instantly appears at the back of the auditorium.

Larry displays his extraordinary human abilities; by levitating a paper rose and within a flash of fire transforms it into a real rose. And that is just the beginning…Throughout the show, Larry will also perform his renowned mind reading demonstrations. It’s all a part of an all-around special entertainment experience.






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