The Show Must Go On!

Career success is derived not only from workplace effort, but out-of-work effort as well. One never knows when an opportunity may arise, one should always be prepared. It has little to do with luck and more to do with equipping a proactive mindset and maintaining constant vigilance.


During our career odyssey, we may feel deprived from real opportunities. We may feel that our friends and coworkers are advancing faster than us. We may feel that we never get the "big break" that we deserve. This is a mentality that is consistent among all professionals regardless of the career path. And as such one should not just give up, sit back, and let things be. It may take years for the right opportunity to show up, but one should always be prepared to seize it when it does.

To succeed on your career path, there are two categories that should be considered: the things that can be expected and prepared for, and the things that are unexpected and can be there is a limit to how prepared you can be. If there is an upcoming meeting, agenda, or assignment, you can prepare for it completely. This is the easier category to deal with, because you know what is to come. But that doesn't mean you should disregard the unexpected. Even though something is unexpected, you can do your best to be prepared for whatever comes your way. Always be ready. Whether you are in an expected or unexpected situation, in the workplace or outside of work, the show must always go on!

Unfortunately, a great number of people who do not prepare for such situations tend to blame their failure to be ready on and different circumstances: "I didn't have time", "too much competition", "unfair expectations", etc. Don't offer up any excuses. Do what you can do, and work towards learning to do what you can't. Excuses don't help anyone.

Here are 6 ways to keep the show going:


1) Give it your all:

Larry's performance never ends. Whether he is on stage or off stage, he'll always be giving his best performance in everything he does. His focus isn't only on his work and career; if that were the case he would be missing enormous career boosters and his competition would supersede him.

2) Always be ready to perform:

One should always be prepared to give a quick demonstration. Larry tends to carry around items that can be used to catch someone's attention. In his case it may be a pack of cards, a pen, or a dice. But for the non-magicians out there, a personal website, a short brief/speech, or a business card should do the trick.
You are your biggest asset for your own brand/company. Be ready for anything.

3) Impressions Last:

You may have a business card or a proposition ready at hand, but that doesn't mean you will make a good impression, let alone a lasting one. Everyone carries around a business card and simply doing that means you are like everyone else. An average, typical working person. As is commonly known, first impressions are vital; so do something that is memorable and interesting, something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

4) Be ready for the curve ball:

Things may come your way that will knock you down. Be ready and be prepared. Don't panic; stand your ground. A curve ball could be anything from a tiny workplace error to being demoted. In Larry's performances, there may be a microphone malfunction, he may even stumble on his words, or he may drop his deck of cards. However, he will maintain a calm and positive persona. Once he gets his thoughts organised, he's act will come back together. He'll go with the flow and proceed to deliver a fantastic show.

5) Take care of yourself:

Career success is not only about being prepared for workplace situations. Yes, opportunities may arise outside the workplace and you should be proactive and work towards using those opportunities to your ultimate advantage. However, this goes even beyond that. Your personal health is just as important (if not, even more important). Eat healthy, stay fit, and get enough sleep. Work on improving yourself, and the other benefits will naturally follow.

6) Stay updated and well-read:

Equip yourself with skills and knowledge that is relevant to your career interests. Use these to advance your way on your career journey. If you are a mentalist, study the works of other great mentalists and see what you can learn and input into your own performances. As a computer scientist, you may want to expand your skill set by picking up some new languages. As an entrepreneur, conversation and public speaking skills are an important addition to the business logistics. Don't be afraid of change, embrace the new and use it to your advantage. With a growth mindset, keeping your knowledge and skills relevant and up to date becomes second nature.
One of the most significant parts of career success is being prepared for whatever situations that may come your way. The more unexpected the situation, the more challenging it will be. But there is always power in experience. Regardless of how many times you fall down, learn to pick yourself up and not fall down in the same spot again. You have an obligation to yourself, your company, and your family to be the best you can be. So dive right in, and be prepared to deliver.